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Credit Terms

Credit Terms will be considered on a case-by-case basis once we have recieved your signed credit application. Our standard is COD 2% with extended terms given upon review and approval of your credit application.

*Direct orders and Drop Shipments are COD only regardless of terms and due at point of shipment. If payment is not received the Account will not be eligible for the 2% discount and the next direct order will have to be prepaid.

Unpaid Balance

All past due accounts are subject to a 2% Service Charge (24% per Annum) on the unpaid balance over your established terms. Any balance over 14 days must be paid in advance of your next order or at the time of delivery.

Pick-Up Discount

Enjoy a 2% discount on your order if you pick it up at our warehouse.

* Account must be in good standing with no past-due amounts.

COD Discount

To qualify your account must not have an outstanding balance and you must either give our driver a check upon delivery or bring a check to our office if picking up your order.

*No 2% discount will be given when a credit card is used.

Forms of Payment

ACH, cash, check, money order, cashier’s check and credit cards are accepted forms of payment.

Customers will be allowed to pay for their invoices using a credit card only if the Controller has made an exception. Credit cards used on terms other than COD will incur a 2% convenience fee. COD customers will not receive the 2% discount when paying by card.

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